Gypsy Chic Vogue Fashion Comfy Beach Tunic

Gypsy Chic Vogue Fashion Comfy Beach Tunic VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT AMAZON.COM Sing along with fashion that takes you beyond normal and regular styles, the bold and beautiful you, the bohemian fashioinista. Strappy tops and long flowing skirts, embroidered tunics, embellished and hand embroidered kaftans, the passion for fashion that styles the free spirit, bohemian clothing takes you to the realms of the designer … Continue reading Gypsy Chic Vogue Fashion Comfy Beach Tunic

Antique Wood Armoires

Antique Wood Armoires country cottages are often seen with vintage storage cabinets, rustic cupboards and antique wood armoires that store essentials. Even though your home has built-in storage, vintage furniture pieces carry an aesthetic charm. Store linens in a vintage iron strap wooden trunk that serves as a coffee table as well. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT AMAZON

Swinging Flowy Vintage Gypsy Boho Skirts

Swinging Flowy Vintage Gypsy Boho Skirts  Hippy travelers with eclectic appearances inspired from their worldly travels are influenced by different cultures and societies. The boho look is a throw back to the free-spirited lifestyle. Free flowing kaftan dresses in natural cotton, simple pull over styles that let the skin breathe are so much fun. The simple style of boho pants and the … Continue reading Swinging Flowy Vintage Gypsy Boho Skirts


OLD WORLD ELEMENT #reclaimedfurniture #rustic #rusticfurniture #sideboard #cabinet #storage #miamidecor #miamidesign #mogulfurniture #oldworldelements VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL  AT AMAZON The tribal chests called damchiyas are so eclectic and vagabond with their mirrors, narrow and sized correctly for the hallways with an arched mirror made fromarchitectural salvage. The red and beige amplifies the warmth and comfort of primitive country decor and flows naturally with the environment.

Vintage Indian Stone Sculpture Spirituality 

Vintage Indian Stone Sculpture Spirituality  Yoga Sculptures charge your mind and body with positive energy. Hindu gods depict the Yoga Posture which brings the positive energy, wisdom and peace. Buddha is the great example of intense meditation or contemplation The Buddha statue is for people who are either looking for peace and clam in their lives, or for those who wish to improve their own … Continue reading Vintage Indian Stone Sculpture Spirituality 

Vintage Storage Cabinets, Rustic Cupboard

Vintage Storage Cabinets, Rustic Cupboard   Indian design is quite often opulent, but some Indian interiors are very simple. A mix of the British Colonial style as seen in the rosewood antique armoire with etched glass or the stunning Burmese teak round table with dual bases and upturned legs gives interiors an eclectic bohemian appeal. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY … Continue reading Vintage Storage Cabinets, Rustic Cupboard

Vintage Patchwork Wall Hanging Tapestry

Vintage Patchwork Wall Hanging Tapestry VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE: BY MOGUL AT ETSY Create a special nook with the arched columns and a lush embroideredtapestry that talks volumes with its colors and textures. Soft cottonbed throws and blankets in bohemian prints and sheer curtains give softness to the decor.   Bohemian Handmade Gypsy Wall Hanging Hand Embroidered Green Pink Banjara Patchwork Tapestry $94.87 FREE … Continue reading Vintage Patchwork Wall Hanging Tapestry

Hand Carved Eclectic Panel Doors

Hand Carved Eclectic Panel Doors Upcycled old furniture can add charming character to most anything instantly. Hand carved eclectic panel doors, windows, Indian carvings, barn doors, rustic patinas, antique arches bring in the aura of the ancient. Indian style design is rich with exotic jewel colors, spiritually rich, magically alluring and brings a very relaxed … Continue reading Hand Carved Eclectic Panel Doors

Free Spirit Tramp Boho Style

Free Spirit Tramp Boho Style Tramp Boho style has been promoted and styled for several years. It included eccentric styles of life and its natural plans meeting with rich society. It was endearingly loved by youngsters who had confidence in development, free spirit and inventiveness. The term bohemian has no definition yet only an ingenious … Continue reading Free Spirit Tramp Boho Style


CARVED CONTEMPORARY FIGURINES STATUE The purpose of the ritual is to create an ambience in which humans and spiritual energies can enhance each others auras. With worship for a chosen deity such as Ganesh you are invoking energies that bring wisdom and knowledge, Shiva is transformation, Vishnu is prosperity and peace, Durga is Shakti. Puja brings the essence of the cosmos together on an energetic … Continue reading CARVED CONTEMPORARY FIGURINES STATUE

Boho Rhapsody Clothing ! FULL MOON SALE

Rhapsody Boho Clothing !FULL MOON SALE Bohemian Girls Combine Function And Fashion As Well As Are Tremendously Earth Conscious. Distressed Rayon Stonewashed Maxi Dresses In Medieval Renaissance Styles Paired With Comfortable Sneakers Or Go For The Recycled Sari Gypsy Skirts, The '90s Fashion Is Here To Stay. Customize An Outfit Inspired By The Free Spirited … Continue reading Boho Rhapsody Clothing ! FULL MOON SALE

carved nightstands, accent table

Eclectic interiors with vintage architectural elements

Eclectic interiors with vintage architectural elements Eclectic interiors with vintage architectural elements working as the frameworkof the modernistic mansions brings me to theHaveli Style interiors of the Rajput Indian Royalty. Not a single room is defined by simplistic lines let alone is less special, it breathes and instills in you elements of history tradition and … Continue reading Eclectic interiors with vintage architectural elements

Boho Sari Curtain Drapes

boho Curtain Drapes The patio has a beautiful swing and hand crafted original artisan statuary. The swing is lavishly carved in beautiful wood tones with colorful accent sari toss pillows. An antique Haveli door creates brilliant scenery with colorful and fragrantflowers. An escape to nature after an exhausting day at work, or just enjoy the sun on … Continue reading Boho Sari Curtain Drapes

Handcrafted by women artisans

Handcrafted by women artisans Ethical fashion creates culture inspired, unique pieces of garments such as chikankari tunics and kashmiri embroidered lounge kaftans, empowering women and providing sustained employment to artisans who weave magic with their fingers. Handcrafted by women artisans using old world fabric techniques like block printing, tie dye and kashida embroidery our cotton caftans and loungers are unique one … Continue reading Handcrafted by women artisans

Yoga Sculptures

Yoga Sculptures Yoga Sculptures charge your mind and body withpositive energy. Hindu gods depict the Yoga Posturewhich brings thepositive energy, wisdom and peace. Buddha is the great example of intense meditation or contemplation TheBuddha statue is for people who are either looking for peace and clam in their lives, or for those who wish to … Continue reading Yoga Sculptures

Rustic Ambiance Furniture

Rustic Ambiance Furniture The carved floral and paisley design accents blend perfectly with Spanish eclecticstyle. The charm of a restored Spanish home from the 20's and decorated with vintage furniture andarchitecture is the gift that my husband gave us!! VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT CHAIRISH


EARTHY TEXTURES AND CARVINGS ANTIQUE FURNITURE VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT AMAZON.COM Natural light plays with the old wood patinas through the large, open windows and archways, flooding almost every room with its energy. The vintage rustic style coffee tables and oxcart benches complement the fresh modern steel appliances and bring a clean feel into the … Continue reading EARTHY TEXTURES AND CARVINGS ANTIQUE FURNITURE

A Bohemian Rhapsody of colorful handmade clothing !

A Bohemian Rhapsody of colorful handmade clothing ! VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT ETSY Style city chic dress-up with all the latest bohemian trends, from geometric prints to shabby chic ragged skirts, they are all there! Tons of new arrivals which increases the style statement and plenty of little details and extras like funky mala beads, tassel … Continue reading A Bohemian Rhapsody of colorful handmade clothing !

Rustic Vintage Indian Furniture

Rustic Vintage Indian Furniture Find an old steel sink for the bathroom and convert a rustic chest into a vanity. Reclaimed old doors are used to make these chest and are very earth friendly. Some have metals like iron and brass that will balance the energy in the room by grounding the negative ions into the earth. An old window frame with iron accents … Continue reading Rustic Vintage Indian Furniture

Moroccan Boho Decor

Moroccan Boho Decor Moroccan decor brings flair for the drama to your bohemian home. A touch of Mediterranean architecture with cusped arches and medieval iron cladded doors, elements have been pulled from grandiose Moroccan spaces. A style that works well with nearly every existing form of decor be it minimalist or maximalist, it certainly catches … Continue reading Moroccan Boho Decor


YEAR END SALE Embroideredcaftans, slouchy patchwork dyed sundresses always look good in the summer andfall, and Sienna is cited as an icon year after year. Kate Moss gravitates towards loose tunic silhouettes, with lots of embroidery and long maxi dressesin vibrant ethnic colors that carry the boho vibes well with gladiator sandals. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT AMAZON

Vintage Carved Wall Reliefs

  Vintage Carved Wall Reliefs The primitive country decor style can be seen in old door sideboards with earthy textures and accent tables, vintage carved wall reliefs, cabinets made from reclaimed woods with carvings of natural elements like sunrays and floral elements. Rustic farmhouse and barn decor is also a variation of this style that … Continue reading Vintage Carved Wall Reliefs

Antique Cabinet Old World Artisan

Antique Cabinet Old World Artisan The distressed aged wood cabinets, studded with metals, and old door sideboard media consoles give the free spirited vibes to the home.Bohemian style is not for those who like neutral tones. Vibrant colors of the turquoise coffee tables or the ochre yellow carved cabinet must be added to your space. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT CHAIRISH

Wondrous Admired Strength Power Statue

Wondrous Admired Strength Power Statue The elephant is considered a sacred celestial animal, the most wondrous creature ever created and is greatly admired for its wisdom, strength, virility, and power. In Hinduism, Ganesha's energyis that of the elephant, he is the ruler of the first chakra wherein in sits the kundalini energy. Magnificient wall carvings … Continue reading Wondrous Admired Strength Power Statue

Bold Expression, Free Spirit, Gypsy Wanderlust

Bold Expression, Free Spirit, Gypsy Wanderlust Springfestival fashion goers experiment with just about everything, from glam dresses to just bikini halters and destroyed denim shorts. The main idea is you want to stand out as a fashinista in boho handmade clothing at Coachella. Breezy and free-spirited sheer kaftans, flowy maxi dresses in patchwork cotton, their energy is rampant and fun. VISIT OUR ONLINE … Continue reading Bold Expression, Free Spirit, Gypsy Wanderlust

Global Luxury Designs Ethical Kaftan

Global Luxury Designs Ethical Kaftan Ethical fashion creates culture inspired, unique pieces of garments such as chikankari tunics and kashmiri embroidered lounge kaftans, empowering women and providing sustained employment to artisans who weave magic with their fingers. Handcrafted by women artisans using old world fabric techniques like block printing, tie dye and kashida embroidery our … Continue reading Global Luxury Designs Ethical Kaftan

Indian Architecture Eclectic Aesthetic Interiors

Indian Architecture Eclectic Aesthetic Interiors A little too much is never just enough for me! Opulent, lavish, maximalist rooms, with one-of-a-kind artifacts, embracing color and traditions boldly, Indian architecture and doors are just the right element for such interiors. Eclectic aesthetic interiors blending several styles and periods seamlessly, mixing old, new and everything in between. … Continue reading Indian Architecture Eclectic Aesthetic Interiors

Primitive Country Decor and Furniture

Primitive Country Decor and Furniture Primitive country decor is both old fashioned and simple with a touch of history; as seen in handmade furniture with rawreclaimed woods, earthy textures and carvings that are inspired from nature. Several combinations of characteristics and design types such as rustic, shabby chic and farmhouse give primitive country decor an … Continue reading Primitive Country Decor and Furniture

Luxurious Antique Furniture

Luxurious Antique Furniture Authentic design, love for the luxe yet grounded in their passion for conscious living, millennials have unique living needs. Millennials love technology that makes life more connected, emboldened andadaptable designsthat evolve with their lifestyle over time. Interior design for millennials is all about creativity, originality but practical and functionality as well. VISIT OUR ONLINE … Continue reading Luxurious Antique Furniture

 sheers and solids Fancy Look Curtains

sheers and solids Fancy Look Curtains Doubling up on panels, thicker bunched panels make most curtain materials look more lush and also conceals any inferior quality of your draperies. A mostly solid color that has some velvety texture makes even less costly curtains look fancy. Play with sheers and solids to create drama and a flowing feel.Lush curtains and window treatments hung as high as … Continue reading  sheers and solids Fancy Look Curtains

Highlight Of Spanish Architecture

Highlight Of Spanish Architecture   We kept the tiles all original, along with the arches that are the highlight of Spanish architecture. The doors had to be replaced so we ordered custom door panels from India with beautiful carvings, each bedroom had a unique opening giving the house a stunning statement of design. The headboardin the bedroom was created with … Continue reading Highlight Of Spanish Architecture

Winter  Interior Design

Winter  Interior Design Warm and collected, modern rustic farmhouses are filled with casual, lived-in village charm. Designers take elements from the old world architecture, mix with practical and modern fittings thereby making a statement piece. The modern farmhouse aesthetic takes the front porch and makes it whimsical with an elaborately handcarved swing with flowers and … Continue reading Winter  Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Designs Trend

Bohemian Interior Designs Trend #antiquefurniture #farmhousefurniture #rusticfurniture #handcarvedfurniture #furniture #homeinterior #teakwoodfurniture  Bohemian design is for people who create interiors with a free spirit, there are no rules except for an expression for their spirit. The bohemian interior design is random and eclectic with no bare spots, all filled with paintings, pillows and figurines. The bohemian … Continue reading Bohemian Interior Designs Trend

Boho Chic Christmas Decor

Boho Chic Christmas Decor   I invite you into my rustic farmhouseas I share my free spirited Boho Chic Christmas decor, getting ready for the beautiful holiday season and a houseful of friends and family. I loverustic woods and eclectic finds that I blend into Christmas decorkeeping it light-hearted, magical and colorful. The Christmas wreath … Continue reading Boho Chic Christmas Decor

Vintage Door Handcarved Panel

Vintage Door Handcarved Panel #panel #handcarvedpanel #handmadepanel #wallhanging #walldecor #bedroompanel #homedecor #furniture #decorativepanel 200 years old Indian gates were used as garden gates, their arched shape and fantastic medieval design played against the rustic look of the house. We kept the tiles all original, along with the arches that are the highlight of Spanish … Continue reading Vintage Door Handcarved Panel

Rustic Natural Antique Interior

Rustic Natural Antique Interior The chic log cabins embrace their rustic natural surroundings creating a holistic and relaxing ambiance. Decorative elements like antique arches in teak woods handmade in the old artisan style and wood paneling made from recycled woods, are used to upgrade cabin style.These rustic refined luxury ranch homes in Montana are stylishly designed with elements of Mother Nature. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- BY MOGUL AT AMAZON   … Continue reading Rustic Natural Antique Interior

Boho Christmas Fashionista

Boho Christmas Fashionista An oversized sheer printed caftan top with a crochet bikini top peeping through the plunging neckline is a street style that can worn with shorts as well. Throw on a halter top with a patchwork midi skirt with chunky platforms and you are a boho fashionista.White embroidered tunics with ripped vintage jeans, … Continue reading Boho Christmas Fashionista

Traditional British Colonial Interior

Traditional British Colonial Armoire/Cabinet  Mix and match sari patchwork throw pillows for an eclectic, world travelled flair and pashmina jamavar blankets with a persian influence. Hang mandla printed cotton tapestries or banjara rugs in an erratic fashion, simplify with sheers and cotton voiles. Classic rope beds or daybeds, Indian diwans with ivory cushions make it … Continue reading Traditional British Colonial Interior

Bohemian Jewelry Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Bohemian Jewelry Gifts For Yoga Lovers Guiding your soul with the mala beads, balancing your chakras in meditation with the help of mantras, spiritual meditation is an excellent healer of the human body. 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism and most malas are 108 plus the Guru Bead. Mala beads are a beautiful tool for keeping count during … Continue reading Bohemian Jewelry Gifts For Yoga Lovers

Vintage Hand Carved Stone Figurine Sculpture

Vintage Hand Carved Stone Figurine Sculpture Elephants are known for their qualities of wisdom. The enormous head of the elephant signifies Wisdom and Knowledge. Ganesha represents both gyan shakti and karma shakti. Elephants are not stopped by obstacles nor do they deviate from their path. They just remove them and walk ahead - signifying effortlessness. … Continue reading Vintage Hand Carved Stone Figurine Sculpture

Eco Friendly Fashion

Eco Friendly Fashion Using sustainable and eco friendly fabrics is my motto, recycled sari wrap skirts, sari silk caftans, boho hand embroidered maxi dresses, and artisan made clothing are beautiful in their feel and good for the earth. The excruciating impact that fast fashion has on environment and humans is not something I want to … Continue reading Eco Friendly Fashion

Bold Embellished Rhapsody

Bold Embellished Rhapsody   Moroccan decor glamorizes bold prints and colors and brings a hint of worldliness to a your bedroom. Sheer sari curtains hanging as a canopy and patchwork pillows act as pops of color Bold designs and patterns complement the design, be it modern contemporary or traditional style. VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE:- indianrhapsody