Natural Reclaimed Wood Rustic Door

Natural Reclaimed Wood Rustic Door

The color palette for your rooms is warm, muted and gentle, as if fading over time. Creamy whitewashed doors and subtle yellows a brighter version in the distressed ochre coffee table with floral curtains and you are almost there. Hard-used doors show many coats of paint with nicks and chips and worn edges.Intimate comfy spaces for conversation, a daybed with old pashmina wool blankets makes a wonderful addition. Use old room dividers or doors as headboards and keep linen simple with white quilts.

wood-642a - Copy

Rustic Vintage Wooden Door 

wood-638 - Copy

Rustic Farmhouse Haveli Door


Antique Solid wood Front Door 


Blue Jodhpur Haveli Door 

wood-745 - Copy

Brass Carving Vintage Entry Door 

wood-740 - Copy

Iron Strap Farmhouse Welcome Gate 



Antique Indian wooden Door Timeless Furniture


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