Stunning Handcrafted OLD WORLD Furniture

Stunning Handcrafted old world Furniture #antiquefurniture #farmhousestyle #vintagefunriture #rusticdesigns #homeinterior #havelidecor #woodenfurniture #antiqueart #countryfurniture #rusticfarmhousedecor #bolddesigns #handmadefurniture¬† A beautiful old Haveli door make a phenomenal headboard, with a long chest at the end of the bed to store blankets and pillows. The bay window is framed with an antique arch that reminds you of … Continue reading Stunning Handcrafted OLD WORLD Furniture



GYPSYCHIC TRENDY EYE CATCHING DRESS #dresses #bohemiandress #beachdress #hippiechic #gypsydress #loosefitdress #coverup #swingdress¬† Summer is defined by sun, sand and the water. People typically focus on their swimsuits and throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts on top and their outfit is brought down a level. It's time to pay more attention … Continue reading GYPSYCHIC TRENDY EYE CATCHING DRESS

Royal HAVELI Interior Designer Panel

Royal HAVELI Interior Designer Panel artistically designed hand carved panels would be perfect for an entrance way into a home or yoga studio. Beautiful carved panels not only depict the Indian mythology, but also adorn the interiors of the Havelis or Indian mansions. A beautiful and rare antique sideboard with rustic aged patinas, tribal chests … Continue reading Royal HAVELI Interior Designer Panel

Lovely Fall Outfit Street Style

Lovely Fall Outfit Street Style #bohemianfashion #streetstyle #bohochicfashion #fallfashion #womenfashion #gypsychic #outfit #beachpartystyle¬† Sing along with fashion that takes you beyond normal and regular styles, the bold and beautiful you, the bohemian fashioinista. Strappy tops and long flowing skirts, embroidered tunics, embellished and hand embroidered kaftans, the passion for fashion that styles the free … Continue reading Lovely Fall Outfit Street Style

Vintage Conscious Yoga Room Decor Buddha, Dancing Shiva and Ganesha, Parvarti, Krishna, Kali, Durga and Tara inspire to add a touch of the mystic to the home, yoga studio or office. Each Headboard / Panel tells a story that is rich with history and tradition. Ganesh dancing on lotus in protection mudra, Blessing Buddha sitting in earth touching mudra, … Continue reading Vintage Conscious Yoga Room Decor

Healing Mala Grounding Rudraksha Necklaces

Healing Mala Obsidian Energy Beads Protection Grounding Rudraksha Necklaces Aligning the energies scattered in the atoms of our body, connecting to the ethereal soul the mala is a reflection of your journey starting as a very basic grounding tool and slowly winding its way up to the crown chakra where the connection to the spiritual … Continue reading Healing Mala Grounding Rudraksha Necklaces