Gorgeous Bohemian Summer Fashion For Your Wardrobe

Gorgeous Bohemian Summer Fashion For Your Wardrobe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4ZVQJ7VVc8 Travelers of the old world "Banjara" were gypsy wanderers, who wanted to be different and lived life on their choice set of rules, creating trends and not following a social dictum.The boho lifestyle and clothing is based on the diverse gamut of cultures and patterns with the … Continue reading Gorgeous Bohemian Summer Fashion For Your Wardrobe


Mala Meditation Beads Spirited Jewelry

Mala Meditation Beads Spirited Jewelry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvsX8wRhG5k Traditional Hindu malas are made with Rudraksha beads associated with Shiva, lotus seeds that reflect the energy of Laxmi, Bodhi seeds of the Buddha Tree, or rosewood connected to Ganesha. Healing chakra malas are made from semi precious gemstones, carrying different wave lengths of energies and colors. Black onyx … Continue reading Mala Meditation Beads Spirited Jewelry

Fabulous Bohemian Fashion Statement

Fabulous Bohemian Fashion Statement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xxg6IZo_N8   Slouchy, vintage boots are favorites with the Olsen twins and Selina Gomez. Chunky boots that are loose around the ankles can be worn with both shorter and long skirts and if the heel isn't too high then you will stay comfortable while watching music concerts. Flouncy soft suede ankle … Continue reading Fabulous Bohemian Fashion Statement

Bohemian Girls Summer Style

Bohemian Girls Summer Style Bohemian girls combine function and fashion as well as are tremendously earth conscious. Distressed rayon stonewashed maxi dresses in medieval renaissance styles paired with comfortable sneakers or go for the recycled sari gypsy skirts, the '90s fashion is here to stay. Customize an outfit inspired by the free spirited bohemian fashion: … Continue reading Bohemian Girls Summer Style

Bohemian Chic Fashion Style Spring Summer

Bohemian Chic Fashion Style Spring Summer VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE BY MOGUL AT AMAZON.CA-  https://www.amazon.ca/s?i=merchant-items&me=A1FLPADQPBV8TK&qid=1553062454&ref=sr_pg_1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9uChoBAWiI A boho whimsical dresser, here is a list of style options. An artisan crafted patchwork maxi skirt goes a long way when crafting cool bohemian outfits. The tiered sari gypsy skirts are the easiest to build outfits as they … Continue reading Bohemian Chic Fashion Style Spring Summer

Boho Inspired Summer Style

Boho Inspired Summer Style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr7jCDEcUY8 Boheme summer street and beach looks to follow and be inspired by include fashionistas like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Nicole Richie. If you want to be more bold try maxi gowns made of lightweight rayon, embellished with tie dye prints. These dresses are ideal for summer beach getaways, music festival … Continue reading Boho Inspired Summer Style