Stunning Exterior Barn Door Antique Decor

Stunning Exterior Barn Door Antique Decor Restoring old historical homes gives the design and architectural potential to add character with reclaimed architectural doors and salvaged woods. The quality and workmanship of traditional and authentic Haveli doors, handcrafted in teak wood in old world designs, elaborately carved headers and finials, these beautiful majestic doors from … Continue reading Stunning Exterior Barn Door Antique Decor


Antique Carved Architectural Haveli Door

Antique Carved Architectural Haveli Door Designers and architects, understand the appeal of the unique and one of a kind elements for prospective buyers, antique architectural doors and artifacts raises the perception of distinctive design. Custom carved barn doors and vintage door wardrobe cabinets are features that give personality to the house. Article Source: VISIT … Continue reading Antique Carved Architectural Haveli Door


BOHEMIAN EARTHING GROUNDING ANTIQUE DOORS Vintage rustic carved woods create a balance between all the latest gadgetry and sophisticated appliances. Earthing grounding antique doors used as headboards or office den doors, carved with ancient symbols of good luck and protection, the patinas and the studded metals telling stories of the past. Rustic sophistication and a relaxed … Continue reading BOHEMIAN EARTHING GROUNDING ANTIQUE DOORS

Interior and Exterior Antique Doors

Interior and Exterior Antique Doors #antiquefurniture #vintagedoor #rusticdoor #welcomegate #entryset #frontdoor #antiquedoor #havelidoor #doubledoor #teakdoor #countryfurniture #woodendoor Rustic wood patina, interior and exterior antique doors and hand carved Panels are hard wood construction and have been salvaged from antique homes or havelis. Beautiful zen carvings of chakras and animal folklore make the doors pieces of … Continue reading Interior and Exterior Antique Doors

Reclaimed Antique Architectural Door

Reclaimed Antique Architectural Door Vintage industrial wrought iron doors bookcase in distressed rustic natural wood, an old door re purposed into a coffee table and an ultra modern serious-looking cooking range brings industrial style to this home in the Miami. #antiquefurniture #vintagedoor #rusticdoor #handcarevdoor #welcomegate #entryset #frontdoor #farmhousedesigns #havelidoor #gatway #teakwoodendoor #Indiandoor